Advocate for pay-day lenders that prey on the most vulnerable Americans directly to the president on national television

A key part of Corrupt Corey’s service to his pay-day lender clients includes direct-from-the-TV influencing of Trump. Corrupt Corey once went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and told Trump to fire the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Why? Because our client, a pay-day lender Community Choice Financial, asked us to do it. And we’ll do the same for you, for the same massive price. If any prospective clients are worried about being associated with someone as corrupt as Corey, not to fear. Since he is a shadow lobbyist who refuses to register his nefarious activities, your business dealings with him won’t be disclosed to the public.

Arrange meetings for foreign governments and bad actors with foreign interests with Trump and top members of his administration

Are you a foreign government that does not have the best interests of the United States in mind, but you want to meet with Trump? Pence? Members of the cabinet? How about a massive foreign corporation looking for a sit-down with administration leaders or the people who have Trump’s ear? It doesn't matter what you do -- or what country you represent -- we have you covered, and we aren’t registered as foreign lobbyists so there won’t be a paper trail.

Give big Wall Street firms that are ripping off the middle class access to Trump’s Twitter account

If you pay us enough, we will virtually guarantee you Trump’s twitter password so that President Trump (read: you) can tweet whatever you want for your business, or to hit your competitors. That is precisely what we promised the Blackstone Group, the world's biggest private equity fund, when we first pitched them on how we could sell them access to the Trump administration.

Let companies seeking massive government contracts pick members of Trump’s Cabinet and then take taxpayer funds

If you have a problem with a certain agency of the Trump administration, we have the access necessary to fix it. In fact, if you’d like to select the head of the agency with which you do business, that can be arranged. We promised this to a client before Trump’s inauguration, and at the rate cabinet secretaries have been leaving, there is time to promise this again before Trump loses in 2020.

Need more access? If you're a pay-day lender, foreign government, or big oil company, contact Corey!

Corrupt Corey is here to represent the most nefarious special interests across the world. And to get rich doing it, no matter the harm to the United States and New Hampshire.

Paid for by New Hampshire Democratic Party, Ray Buckley, Chair

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