Here at Corrupt Corey, Inc, we are selling access to the Trump administration to the highest bidder.

Are you pushing a corporate special interest agenda? If you're a big oil company fighting for the right to pollute our air and water, a pay-day lender preying on the most vulnerable Americans for a profit, or even a foreign government whose interests don't align with America's, you have come to the right place.


Corrupt Corey Lewandowski spent many years as a registered lobbyist and shilling for the far-right Koch brothers' radical agenda. After a brief stint as Donald Trump’s campaign manager, from which he was ultimately fired, Corrupt Corey has spent every minute since scheming to cash in by connecting his special interest pals to President Trump. 


Despite his lengthy career as a registered lobbyist, Corrupt Corey believes he can best serve his clients by operating in the shadows, without registering as a lobbyist, as required by law, or offering any transparency to the public, and instead simply selling his access to the Trump administration to the highest bidder.

Need more access? If you're a pay-day lender, foreign government, or big oil company, contact Corey!

Corrupt Corey is here to represent the most nefarious special interests across the world. And to get rich doing it, no matter the harm to the United States and New Hampshire.

Paid for by New Hampshire Democratic Party, Ray Buckley, Chair

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