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Here at Corrupt Corey, Inc, we are selling access to the Trump administration to the highest bidder.


Are you pushing a corporate special interest agenda? If you're a big oil company fighting for the right to pollute our air and water, a pay-day lender preying on the most vulnerable Americans for a profit, or even a foreign government whose interests don't align with America's, you have come to the right place.

  • Advocate for pay-day lenders that prey on the most vulnerable Americans directly to the president on national television

  • Arrange meetings with Trump and top members of his administration for foreign governments and bad actors with foreign interests

  • Give big Wall Street firms that are ripping off the middle class access to Trump’s Twitter account

  • Let companies seeking massive government contracts pick members of Trump’s Cabinet and then take taxpayer funds

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"Whether Corey Lewandowski is just engaging in business as usual or actually going further, it definitely has a pervading swampiness to it that has become the new normal in Trump’s Washington."

- Lisa Gilbert, Vice President of Legislative Affairs of the government watchdog group, Public Citizen  


"This is self-dealing by these intermediaries... They aren’t in there to give good advice about what an administration should do. They’re in there to get special influence for their clients or financial benefits for themselves."

- Fred Wertheimer, President of government watchdog group, Democracy 21


“Corey Lewandowski and his businesses are soliciting domestic interests and foreign governments, offering to use his close ties to Trump to grease their path into the White House. Most people who do that must register as a lobbyist or foreign agent.”

- President of Legislative Affairs of the government watchdog group, Public Citizen

Need more access? If you're a pay-day lender, foreign government, or big oil company, contact Corey!

Corrupt Corey is here to represent the most nefarious special interests across the world. And to get rich doing it, no matter the harm to the United States and New Hampshire.


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